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Tour of a Recent Project

Central West End, Master Bedroom

Historic Restoration

This 1915 Colonial in the Central West End of St. Louis is full of character (complete with original horse hair insulation!) but in need of some TLC. Most of the home is in decent shape, but due to a roof leak the upstairs master bedroom had water damage in the ceiling and crown moulding that needed some special attention to repair and restore to its full potential.

There was wallpaper (with several coats of paint over it) on the ceiling and walls, and the client's decision here was to remove all the wallpaper in the room, and completely restore all painted surfaces including the gold trim accents. I spent 10 days total (two days with a helper, and 8 solo) to complete the project, which is a lot for one room, but when doing historic restoration type work, the final product is a result of detailed attention.

Water damage

The water leaking in through the roof not only damaged the ceiling but the crown moulding as well. One seam in the moulding had swollen and protruded.

The fix was to literally carve the wood and fill gaps with putty, making the seam as invisible as possible.

The trim is what makes this room.

This is an example of the end product of meticulous prep work, and what sets Durso Painting apart. All of the woodwork in the room is original to the house and had been repainted many times. About two full days was spending doing nothing but sanding and other prep work on the trim, and the results are obvious.

Gold Accents

Once all the painting was done, I went around and added back all the matte gold accents with a specialty metallic paint. This included a multi-layered effect on the crest above the french door so that just a hint of the gold peaks out from under the white.

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