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Michael Durso

Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painter


I went into business because St. Louis needs better painters. The standards of quality for the painting industry in our area are quite low, with many multi-million dollar homes being painted with $15/gallon products which will need repainted within 3-5 years. People who are making a significant investment in purchasing a quality home, or anyone in general who cares about the value of their home, should know there is a better option. By being in business one of my goals is to raise the standards for evaluating paint by homeowners, thereby working to raise the standards for the industry. I do a lot of educating my clients and other painters in "what good looks like."


For homeowners, designers, architects and realtors alike I want to be the problem solver who can be trusted to add significant value and beauty to client's homes. By being the only local painter regularly offering Dutch paint and practices I am able to offer discerning homeowners something unique, extremely beautiful. And my finishes will last 15-20 years.

-Michael Durso

Contractor Profile, July 2017, The Paint Contractor


by Jerry Rabushka

Click the text above to watch a video of an interview done live on Facebook hosted by Painted by Kayla Payne discussing high gloss front doors and other areas of interest with Michael Durso. 

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